Tulips adé. Geert Wilders and the crisis of Western Democracy.

SWR2, NDR Kultur, Deutschlandfunk, 27 June / 1 July / 3 August 2012. By Thilo Guschas.

Photo: ©Meneer de Braker (Akbar2)/ Flickr
Photo: ©Meneer de Braker (Akbar2)/ Flickr

Tulips adé.

Among the European populists, Geerd Wilders has the most glamour. With ease he forces the mainstream politicians to do what he wants them to do. Even in Germany and the US he manages to produce scandals with his attitude that is sceptical of the EU and abhors Islam. So far all awareness campaigns that try to fight him with arguments and facts have failed. He is a political talent. He cannot be labeled a tribune that uses simple patterns. It is the citizens who are attracted to him because they are weak of the EU, weak of democracy, weak of political correctness. In the Netherlands Wilder’s party is currently the third biggest force. Holland as a prototype of liberalism – that was yesterday. Publicist Rob Riemen uses the term of a ‚new fascism.‘ As a consequence, Wilders immediately threatened to close the cultural institute the director of whom is Riemen. With unconventional methods, street workers in Amsterdam’s ghetto of Slotervaart have succeeded to build a good social climate. Until then, Slotervaart’s youngsters who often come from Marocco served as a proof for Wilder’s claim that Islam always causes violence. Now there is evidence against this assumption. The Rebel Clowns chose yet another way. Communication guerilla. The dressed as Geert Wilders, stage satirical performances and hope that their humour hits the target.