Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas. Stresstest Germany
English · 06. Juni 2021
As Phillis proposes a road trip through Germany with a VW camper van, her father Christian is excited. In the last years he had been living more and more in isolation due to his Tourette syndrome.

So close to the Middle-Eastern Heaven! An Acoustic Ascension.
English · 16. März 2021
We are what they are not. Israel and Palestine emphasize differences and contrasts.

English · 10. März 2020
Podcast "Leonora" has won the German Hörbuchpreis 2020 award!

English · 01. Januar 2020
At age 11, Mokhtar fled from his masters. Now he is 17 and wants to free his mother Omeima from slavery.

English · 08. November 2019
Chinchilla has won the award - best radio play!

English · 31. Mai 2019
"So close to the Middle-Eastern heaven" is among the nominees

English · 06. Februar 2018
„When I was a child in Marocco, I hated it when men always had the last say,“ says Khalid who came to Germany at age 20.

English · 30. Juli 2017
„This was my cell,“says the former VW employee Lúcio Bellentani. Decades later he is back in the torture centre of São Paulo where he experienced atrocities

English · 15. März 2017
At seven places in Essen seven artists write seven short radio plays.

English · 29. November 2016
Radiofeature. 29 November 2016, NDR Kultur. 21 April 2017, DeutschlandRadio. Producer: Joachim Dicks. Director: Friederike Wigger. By Thilo Guschas.

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