English · 29. Januar 2019
At age 11, Mokhtar fled from his masters. Now he is 17 and wants to free his mother Omeima from slavery.

English · 02. Dezember 2018
We are what they are not. Israel and Palestine emphasize differences and contrasts.

English · 06. Februar 2018
„When I was a child in Marocco, I hated it when men always had the last say,“ says Khalid who came to Germany at age 20.

English · 30. Juli 2017
„This was my cell,“says the former VW employee Lúcio Bellentani. Decades later he is back in the torture centre of São Paulo where he experienced atrocities

English · 15. März 2017
At seven places in Essen seven artists write seven short radio plays.

English · 29. November 2016
Radiofeature. 29 November 2016, NDR Kultur. 21 April 2017, DeutschlandRadio. Producer: Joachim Dicks. Director: Friederike Wigger. By Thilo Guschas.

English · 20. März 2016
The Egyptian dictatorship is back, media suffer from censorship, demonstrations are even banned. But the verses are still on the streets.

English · 01. Oktober 2015
When our reporter, the Islamic scientist Thilo Guschas, visited a refugees in a camp in Hamburg, he encountered violent distrust.

English · 01. März 2015
There is no other country in the Western world where Muslims are as well integrated as in the USA.

English · 15. November 2014
Against women, against foreigners, against gay people. Best selling author Akif Pirinçci stirs up hatred. People enthusiastically read what he writes. He uses the same tactic as did Thilo Sarrazin before him with elements of right-wing populism in his books. What is on in Germany?

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