Abducted in Syria
English · 21. März 2023
During a mission in Syria, Martin is kidnapped. He is sent to a notorious Syrian torture prison. Until he was abducted, Martin was active as a volunteer technician in various crisis areas.

Outside the Bubble
English · 04. Juni 2022
Should artificial intelligence be regulated? Do we need animal testing? How do we succeed in saving the forest? Is genetically modified rice a blessing for humans?

The Ahr Valley flood
English · 04. November 2021
One terrifying night in July, the waters of the River Ahr in Germany rose with little warning, engulfing ancient towns and villages in its path.

Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas. Stresstest Germany
English · 06. Juni 2021
As Phillis proposes a road trip through Germany with a VW camper van, her father Christian is excited. In the last years he had been living more and more in isolation due to his Tourette syndrome.

So close to the Middle-Eastern Heaven! An Acoustic Ascension.
English · 16. März 2021
We are what they are not. Israel and Palestine emphasize differences and contrasts.

English · 10. März 2020
Podcast "Leonora" has won the German Hörbuchpreis 2020 award!

English · 01. Januar 2020
At age 11, Mokhtar fled from his masters. Now he is 17 and wants to free his mother Omeima from slavery.

English · 08. November 2019
Chinchilla has won the award - best radio play!

English · 31. Mai 2019
"So close to the Middle-Eastern heaven" is among the nominees

English · 06. Februar 2018
„When I was a child in Marocco, I hated it when men always had the last say,“ says Khalid who came to Germany at age 20.

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