Award "Hörbuchpreis" for podcast "Leonora"

Photo: Volkmar Kabisch


 Joining ISIS at 15



The podcast „Leonora - joining ISIS at 15” is testing limits. A German man is fighting for his teenage daughter who has joined ISIS in Syria. The journalists have accompanied the father for four years. He meets traffickers, negotiates with terrorists and tries to manage his everyday life as a baker in Germany. Via audio messages, father and daughter keep in touch. At the beginning, the podcast team see themselves only as reporters. Then they get involved into the events. What needs to stay private – where does legitimate public interest start? 


The podcast is awarded the German Hörbuchpreis as "best podcast." The trio Lena Gürtler, Britta von der Heide and Volkmar Kabisch who have written the piece will receive the award on 10 March 2020 in Cologne. The director of "Leonora" is Nikolai von Koslowski, the producers at NDR are Thilo Guschas and Ulrike Toma.