Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas. Stresstest Germany

Radioplay by Helgard Haug and Thilo Guschas. 55 minutes. NDR Kultur, 1 July 2020, 6pm. BR2, 6 December 2019, 9:05pm. WDR3, 29 December 2018, 7:04pm. WDR5, 30 December 2018, 5:04pm.

Dramaturgy: Martina Müller-Walraff. Director: Helgard Haug.

Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas

Stresstest germany

As Phillis proposes a road trip through Germany with a VW camper van, her father Christian is excited. In the last years he had been living more and more in isolation due to his Tourette syndrome. Too many dangers. Not everybody reacts in an understanding manner when it comes to curses and infringements that the Tourette syndrome makes such clever and effective use of. A neighbour once tried to have a preliminary injuction issued against Christian. Tourette holds up a mirror. „It is always a test – how far can I go – at what point will I be attacked,“ says Christian. But Christian and Phillis agree: they have waited long enough. It is time for a „stresstest Germany“ – starting from the living room, with a mobile broadcasting studio, moving on to Berlin and then to the ocean.


A radio play about controlling capacities, verbal attacks, parlament’s Tourette and the question of what is normal.


WIth: Christian Hempel, Phillis Hempel, Bijan Kaffenberger and others.


Director: Helgard Haug.


Sound artist: Frank Böhle


Sound engineers: Benedikt Bitzenhofer and Barbara Göbel


Dramaturgy: Martina Müller-Wallraf

Thanks to Stephan Schliephake and publisher Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.