Outside the Bubble

Should artificial intelligence be regulated?

Do we need animal testing?
How do we succeed in saving the forest?
Is genetically modified rice a blessing for humans?
These questions are controversial, also in the scientific community.
In 'Outside the Bubble', visitors are invited to choose one of the 4 debates and take a seat in one of the 'Bubble Chairs'. Here they delve into a substantive position and follow one line of argument. The opinions of others they hear to some extent, but what would it be like to leave your own 'bubble' and take on a completely different perspective?


Idea/Direction/Editing/Sounds: Helgard Haug und Daniel Wetzel
Research/Dramaturgy: Thilo Guschas
Mixing: Frank Böhle
Interior design: Atelier Brückner
Curators of the exhibition: Die Exponauten
With the voices of: Judica Albrecht, Gabriela Bila-Günther, Bettina Grahs, Mmakgosi Kgabi, Florian Hertweck, Andreas Leupold, Sophia New, Sean Patten, Abak Safei-Rad, Adrian Shephard

Production management: Renée Merkel
Thanks for discussions and advice: Prof. Dr. Alexander Ecker, Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl, Alexander Lurz, Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim, Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue

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